Medical device

Medical device Product

Spinal Internal Fixation System

The product is light and has high intensity as it uses processed titanium. The product is used for fixation of bone implant of spine, spinal breakaway and kyphoscoliosis. It is disposable medical device and its service life (valid period) is semi-permanent.

· Components
- Screw for spine (Its body and head are fixed and used in case the width of remidation for breakaway bone is small).
- Cap Screw : Fixes screw joint and screw for spine.
- Link Work : It bends screw joint outside to inside and wraps the rod so it is not separated.
- The system consists of 4 components as above total number of types is 318.

  Screw for Spine

· Screw for spine (Monoaxial Screw)

· Monoaxial Long Arm Screw

· Polyaxial Screw

· Monoaxial Long Arm Screw

  Cap Screw