Open Channel Flowmeter Product

Model Name : UF-5000

UF-5000 series ultrasonic/float type open channel flowmeter consists of converter and sensor. It is designed reflecting the characteristics of the open channel and it linearly outputs value which always is proportional to flow rate. Detector measures water level of the open channel to measure flow rate depending on the changes of water level. Serial communication direct to PC or notebook is possible with RS232 output and communication using modem and telephone line is possible as well.

· Applications : Applies to various types of waterway, discharged water, water, sewage, waste water, effluence and flow of corrosive fluid.
· User oriented function through advanced Setup Menu makes controller provide varieties to meet specific and individual requirement.
· Back light LCD graphic display (Setting, Situation message, Present time etc.)
· Power is 90~260 VAC for wide use.
· DC 4-20mA or RS-485, RS-232C output.
· Non-volatile memory saves all parameters and compensated data even when power is off.
· Overvoltage protection circuit is embedded.
· Self-diagnosis function is embedded.