Auto control monitoring

Auto control monitoring Product

Data Logger


· Monitoring Various Items User can figure out many kinds of information such as concentration and discharged amount of pollution substances, power condition, door open/closed status, equipment condition, real time graph, port condition and transmission condition at a look.
· Data Collection Collects measured data in the meter in various ways including voltage signal, current signal and digital communication.
· Remote Command Function Commands data transmission, instantaneous data, stored data, calibration, calibration value searching, auto sampling, control, time change etc.
· Convenient Access Graph inquiry, data search, remote command inquiry, power disconnection inquiry, calibration data inquiry.


· Model : EMS-365W
· HDD : 500G
· Ethernet : 2 Port
· Display : 19”TFT LCD
· Power : AC90 ~ 230V
· Dimension : 483*400*221 19”Rack(5U)

· RAM : 2G
· RS232/485 : Standard 16 Port
· Input : Touch Screen, Keyboard
· Resolution : 1280*1024
· OS : Windows XP