Water Quality Measuring Instruments

TMS Signal Converter Product

Model Name : HS-1000

Signal 232 converting HS-1000 is highly reliable and stable water quality Tele monitoring system for industry use. It can display and control analogue signal sequentially and equips multi-system function which performs real time response and can use all of 21 items of TMS.

· Satisfies TMS communication protocol.
· Outputs TMS 232 communication by inputting 4~20mA.
· Provides simple and convenient display and menu.
· Supports all of 21 items of TMS (pH, Temperature, DO, CON, SS, BOD, COD, TOC, Biological alarm, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, flow rate, chlorophyll, VOC, TCD, TCB, TCU, TZN, ammonia nitrogen, nitric nitrogen, phosphorate phosphorus)
· Provides wide extendability through module system.
· Accurate and stable measuring is possible.
· Can set alarm indicating under calibration, wrong operation and under inspection.
· Can measure flow rate (instantaneous flow rate, integrating flow rate).