Auto control monitoring

Auto control monitoring Product

ICS (Integrated Control System)

ICS is a program which integrates air and water quality TMS to control and operate. The program saves data in the same manner for data transmitted to Environment Management Corporation (real time, 5 minutes and 30 minutes data) and equips early alarm function which checks discharged pollutants quickly to prevent damage by analyzing the data using various methods. Also, the program can verify the efficiency of process.

· Required system specification for the program : CPU : At least Pentium4 / HDD : 200GB or more / RAM : 2GB or more / OS : At least Windows XP
· Supports all protocols for air, water quality and total amount and receives data by selecting RS232C and TCP/IP.
· In case data was not received or lost, the scheduler dumps automatically to reserve all of the data.
· More than 40 people can monitor, inquire and operate remotely (internet) as the same way as server simultaneously.
· It makes daily, monthly, and yearly report and presents effective graph with which user can analyze changes by item and by time.


· The system is backed up to different HDD daily by scheduler so it can be restored even if HDD fails.
· By setting warning value and restriction value, it sounds audible alarm in case it receives data which exceed setting value.
· In case there is no receipt in FEP/DL for designated duration or it exceeds legal and self-restricted value, it sends information to designated cellular phone.
· It can be upgraded by downloading the newest program automatically from web server.
· Authorization by Menu : Can authorize by menu after register user.
· Message Board : It is communication function such as supplement request message board and data room.