Water Quality Measuring Instruments

Auto Sampler Product

Model Name : HS-500


· Auto Sampler is used to collect sample water automatically for process control and water quality control in water treatment plants.
· It can collect 1 ~ 24 bottles of water and has cold storage function in 4°C.
· Sample collection amount adjusting : Can set amount of sample within the range of 20~1000ml. User of sample water can adjust start collecting time and collecting interval as desired.
· Applies BLDC motor : Equips motor with low power-high efficiency.
· Automatic or manual sampling is possible.
· Automatic defrosting.
· Reverse cleaning in sampling line is possible.
· Door open/closed condition : Outputs contact point signal, RS-232C, RS-485 at the same time.
· Equips double door.
· Water detecting sensor is embedded: Can detect existence of water in sampling line.
· PID control (Proportional Integral Derivative) function for temperature.
· Supports water quality TMS (Tele-monitoring system) protocol of the Ministry of Environment.

Product Specification